The Ed-Break Story

Mark, a father of 3, wanted a new way to manage screen-time for his kids.

Screen-time Reimagined

Ed-Break was founded by Sydney based father of three Mark Morcos who noticed the amount of time his kids were spending on their devices since covid and the frustrating options available to him of either taking away the device or using prohibitive screen time management tools. However, as he explored the challenge further he also observed it was natural for kids to be comfortable with ad breaks while watching online content.

Ed-Break is the opportunity to help parents with a positive solution

He saw the opportunity to help parents with a positive solution and the idea of Ed-Break emerged to Mark. Instead of using negative parental control app’s to prohibit usage, he reimagined screen time ad breaks as an opportunity to deliver kids positive educational learning moments.

Ed-Break was born, a new way to support parents managing screen time effectively and deliver personalised grade level educational ad breaks for kids. Learning moments that mirrored what kids were learning at school that day, that week and that term.

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